Four regular circle dance gatherings are offered at the Unitarian Centre at 49th & Oak. The evening sessions sometimes break for July and August, but GLAD and Sunday afternoon usually continue.

As well there are often special events – including celebrating World Circle Dance Day on the third Sunday in July.

About half the group are Unitarians — sometimes more and sometimes fewer. All are very welcome.

Most of the regular dancers are women, but we are open to all genders.

Donations go to the church for use of the space; sometimes donations go half to the facilitators and half to the church.

There are various other Unitarian groups who host circle dance across the country including Edmonton and Peterborough.

I’m very enthusiastic about dancing the songs we sing on Sunday mornings and so have collected a list of songs. Many of the songs we sing are not hymns in the traditional sense, so there are dances that were choreographed not necessarily knowing they were in our songbook Singing the Living Tradition.  If you’d like to receive a spreadsheet with the songs that have been choreographed or suggested, just ask circledanceucv@gmail.com.

In 2017, Corinne taught a choreography workshop to put more of the songs to circle dance and a few new dances emerged from that event.

These songs from the Unitarian hymnal Singing the Living Tradition have been choreographed (sometimes using dance steps for similar music and possibly adapted somewhat.) If there’s name, it’s because that person choreographed or if in brackets found a dance that fit. If no name, it’s because it’s part of the worldwide sacred circle dance repertoire. Or because I believe I’ve danced it but can’t recall who taught it.

#16 – ‘Tis a Gift to be Simple – Margaret Rao

#109 As We Come Marching, Marching (“Bread and Roses”) – Corinne

#118 – This Little Light of Mine

#123 Spirit of Life – Denise

#155 Cirlce ‘Round for Freedom

#162 Gonna Lay Down My Sword and Shield

#168 One More Step

#170 We Are a Gentle, Angry People – Corinne adapted from UCV workshop

#188 Come, Come, Whoever You Are – Karen

#212 We Are Dancing Sarah’s Circle

#298 Wake, Now, My Senses (Winds on the Tor)

#311 Let It Be a Dance – Corinne

#361 Enter, Rejoice and Come In (Brigid’s Jig) – Mary

#398 Wake Now My Senses (Winds on the Tor) – (Mary)

#402 From You I Receive – Darlene

Return Again – Denise

#352 Find a Stillness – Frances and Friends

From Singing the Journey

There are many chants and songs in the “teal book” that can be danced including

Meditation on Breathing – steps for Hymne


We are (Darlene)


Blue Boat Home (Karen)

Other songs

At many Unitarian churches, we end by holding hands and singing

Carry the Flame of Peace and Love Until We Meet Again.

Our circle dance group often does this by swaying and then toe kisses.

Winds on the Tor steps can be danced to most waltz tunes including:

#347 Gather the Spirit (Winds on the Tor)


These ones might be choreographed already (as they’re popular songs) but I’m not sure. If you know, please send to me.

#21 – For the Beauty of the Earth

#38 Morning Has Broken

Lady of the Season’s Laugher

Wish List

It seems to me the following could be good dances. Anyone agree? Let’s make it so!

#73 Chant for the Seasons

#121 We’ll Build a Land

#128 For All That Is Our Life

#131 Love Will Guide Us

#208 Every Time I Feel the Spirit

#88 Calm Soul of All Things

#108 My Life Flows On in Endless Song

#146 Soon the Day Will Arrive

#295 Sing Out Praises for the Journey

#318 We Would Be One

#346 Come, Sing a Song with Me

#354 We Laugh, We Cry

#360 Here We Have Gathered

#387 The Earth, Water, Fire, Air

#388 Dona Nobis Pacem

#389 Gathered Here

#395 Sing and Rejoice

#413 Go Now in Peace

Here’s a list of songs and some youtube links from the hymnal.