My New Year’s Resolution – Even More Dancing

Yes, for the third or is it fifth or tenth? year in the row, my New Year’s resolutions will include: more dancing!

Some of us look at women even older than ourselves- and are amazed at their energy. Asked how they do it, the answer is: keep dancing! (Marta and Sheila B come to mind!)

This fall, I started a new circle dance group that combines earth spirituality ritual with circle dance. We’ve had three sessions and it’s a lovely gathering. For February, we’re going to also do a workshop afterwards 2-4pm on tarot card divination. If successful, that might continue as it’s been a while since anyone was prepared to offer the full Paganism 101 course.

GLAD – another combo of gathering, labyrinth, art and dance, continues on third Thursday 11am -1 pm with myself, Mairy and Darlene leading dances. We even went ahead with Dec. 21 Winter Solstice (but moved it to my co-op in view of the predicted snow).

I usually attend the two regular monthly circle dances at the Unitarian Centre but usually get to just relax and dance, focusing my volunteer efforts on nurturing these two small groups (usually 6-10 people) where I feel more confident leading dances and get to exercise my creativity at weaving the program and including art and ritual.

And of course I continue to have ideas about special events focused on or including circle dance. I love a party!

So maybe I should get SMART (specific, measurable, achievable — or is that artistic? — realistic — or is that ritualistic? – and time-based. They say announcing goals helps to achieve them, so here we go:

  • to have at least 10 dances I could lead without any preparation (I may be almost there.)
  • to have 50 I am confident to lead with a small amount of prep (and a “confidence” card reminder)
  • To spread my enthusiasm and welcome newbies to circle dance by:
  • to post regularly (at least twice a month) to this blog
  • to post at least once a month to my mailchimp reminder email list
  • to get a really nice white night outfit that I adore wearing. Oh and white shoes and socks too!Image result for tattered wedding dress skirt
  • to engage more kids in circle dance (at least maypole dancing–maybe more)

Image result for tattered wedding dress skirt

Image result for bride dresses ragsI “commit” to these knowing that at any time I can go in and amend, and you’ll never know which were the original goals. :>)

Which of these images do you like the best?

Are you ready to make resolutions?

Image result for tattered wedding dress skirt


Huron Carol

I found this circle dance for the Huron Carol.

Here’s some information from the youtube page.
This is one of my choreographed dances to the Huron Carol. This recording is by The Crash Test Dummies from ‘Jingle all the Way’. I play it 5% faster for the dance. Even so it demands a presence of attention.

And here’s an alternative version with words by the choreographer.

Dances Choreographed by Brian Steere – but his website isn’t working.
Here’s his blog with a couple of pretty long posts about his experience with circle dance.

World Circle Dance Day 2018

What would you like to dance for World Circle Dance Day in July, 2018?

Indeed what would you like the whole world to dance?

Submit your suggestion here.

I suggested Miserlu. It’s fairly challenging and lively, so if they choose it, they’ll likely also choose a meditative and easy one.

They’ll take the suggestions and choose the three most popular ones.

Which might mean we all get 3 votes.

You can see the compilation videos from 2016 and 2017 of groups–large and tiny–around the world dancing to the same music.

World Circle Dance Day is the third Sunday in July, coinciding with the Findhorn Sacred circle dance week.

World Circle Day compilation video

Last July, circles all over the world recorded themselves dancing Namarie, one of the three dances suggested for dancing on July 17th. Now they’ve put together a video with a little clip of all the groups. My GLAD group who meet on the 3rd Thursday (11am – 1pm) at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver is at 4:19. As a friend said: we’re quite recognizable and look like we’re having a good time!

Please enjoy this wonderful work of art by Amanda!

One by Jan Philips

This is a lovely dance to do with new dancers. It was probably the first one I was confident enough to share. Although the steps are quite simple–and go with the words perfectly, the words and the music are a little enchanting so people of all stages enjoy it.

You always go forward when the singer says “one for the…” and then backwards on the instrumental section. The music is by Jan Phillips  on her CD “All the Way to Heaven.”

Watch Jan’s videos on her YouTube Channel.

Here are the lyrics:

One with the buffalo, one with the bear
One with the meadow, one with the mare,
One with the redwood, one with the rock
One with the eagle, one with the hawk.

One with the blue sky, one with the storm
One with the winter, one with the warm
One with the thunder, one with the rain
One with the laughter, one with the pain.

One with the shadow, one with the light
One with the sunrise, one with the night
One with the sorrow, one with the joy
One with the fullness, one with the void.

One with the mystery, one with the doubt
One with the famine, one with the drought,
One with the homeless, one with the king,
One with the angel, one with the wing

One with the harvest, one with the seed
One with the marshland, one with the reed
One with the sugar, one with the cane
One with the loss and one with the pain.

One with the hero, one with the whore,
One with the rich man, one with the poor
One with the marrow, one with the bone
One with the hunger, one with the moan.

One with the sparrow, one with the song,
One with the righteous, one with the wrong,
One with the morning, one with the dew,
One with the mountain, one with the view.

One with the newborn, one with the breast
One with the outcast, one with the guest
One with the palace, one with the cell
One with the bucket, one with the well.

One with the seeker, one with the sought,
One with the teacher, one with the taught
One with the trinket, one with the jewel
One with the master, one with the fool.

One with the lover, one with the loved,
One with the vulture, one with the dove,
One with the diamond, one with the coal,
One with the beggar, one with the bowl.

One with the desert, one with the dust,
One with the iron, one with the rust,
One with the heavens, one with the earth
One with the labor, one with the birth.

One with the bridegroom, one with the bride,
One with the blind man, one with the guide
One with the vision, one with the eye,
One with the knowing, one with the why.

One with the shining, one with the star,
One with the battle, one with the scar,
One with the music, one with the flute,
One with the branches, one with the root.

One with the daughter, one with the son,
One with the convict, one with the nun
One with the mountain, one with the awe
One with the forest, one with the saw.

One with the infant, one with the crone
One with the feather, one with the bone
One with the master, one with the slave
One with the water, one with the wave.

One with the seer, one with the seen
One with the dreamer, one with the dream
One with the garden, one with the bud
One with the chalice, one with the blood.

One with the meaning, one with the word
One with the spider, one with the bird
One with the spirit, one with the soul
One with the part, one with the whole.

One with the dying, one with all life,
One with the wounded, one with the knife
One with the other, one with the ONE
One with all beings under the sun.

The Dance by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Image result for "just take my hand and dance with me" oriah mountainAnd when the sound of all the declarations of our sincerest
intentions has died away on the wind,
dance with me in the infinite pause before the next great inhale
of the breath that is breathing us all into being,
not filling the emptiness from the outside or from within.
Don’t say, “Yes!”
Just take my hand and dance with me.

© Oriah Mountain Dreamer, from the book The Dance, HarperONE, SanFrancisco, 2001