Regular Evening Dates at the Unitarian Centre

– 1st Tuesdays and 2nd Mondays @ 7 pm to 9 pm

We meet every 2nd Monday and 1st Tuesday @ 7pm at the Unitarian Centre, 949 West 49th (at Oak) with circle dance facilitators. It’s a comfortable, pleasant time with a group of about 10-12 usually.

We are usually in the Main Hall in Hewett Hall which is the building on the West side of the property.


Unitarian Centre, 949 West 49th Avenue (at Oak)  604-261-7204

Buses: #17 or #49 – #49 connects to Skytrain station, or walk 5 blocks.

There’s a parking lot and usually plenty of space.

Come and learn a variety of sacred circle dances. These are easy to learn and are more about spiritual practice and community building than about “right steps”. In fact, our mantra is: There are no wrong steps, only variations. No fee. Donations welcome.

We break about half way through and then dance till 9 pm.

Tuesday session is coordinated by Leslie Kemp and usually has one or more other facilitators sharing dances.

Monday session is led by Corinne Chepil, sometimes with another facilitator sharing a dance or two.

There are other evening groups around Metro Vancouver and BC.

Many of them are listed here: circledancebc.ca

I (Mary) often attend the last Friday in Ladner. If you’re interested contact circledanceladner (at) gmail.com for more details and reminders.


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