Thank You For This Day – Karen Drucker

This was a favorite among those who attended our first session of Circle Dance Basics. So we’ll do it again!

Thank You For This Day



Circle Dance Basics – Session One – How Lovely!

We had a lovely group of beginners for our first circle dance basics tonight.

We did these dances to this music:

  • As One

  • Elm Dance

  • Thank You For This Day

At the next session, we’ll repeat the top favorites: As One and Thank You for This Day and add a couple of new dances.

Mairy Beam will facilitate session 2 on the first Tuesday in August.

Barbara Herring in Vancouver April 9th – Join us!

BarbaraHerringFlorida2016Barbara Herring will be here in BC from Ontario in April and will be at the Unitarian Centre on Monday, April 9th. There will also be a Tuesday April 10th event in Ladner. Check with for more information.

I, Mary, am coordinating the afternoon and potluck dinner. Corinne will be working with Barbara for the regular 2nd Monday evening.

Barbara is considered one of the “Grandmothers” of Circle Dance in Canada.  Two of her dances are on our favourites list.

  • Blessed Be
  • Go In Beauty

Other lovely choreographies of Barbara’s we have danced are

  • Crescent Moon
  • Holy Mother
  • Dancing Song
  • I Am the Land
  • Loved By a Star
  • Who By Fire

Barbara will likely share some of her favorite dances and other facilitators will share as well so she can have the pleasure (her request!) to just dance with us.

Come experience the calmness, joy and reverence that Barbara Herring brings to the dance. Barbara has been a facilitator of Sacred Circle Dance groups in Canada and the USA since 1996 and during that time has been midwife to the birth of many groups in her home province, Ontario.

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World Circle Dance Day 2018

What would you like to dance for World Circle Dance Day in July, 2018?

Indeed what would you like the whole world to dance?

Submit your suggestion here.

I suggested Miserlu. It’s fairly challenging and lively, so if they choose it, they’ll likely also choose a meditative and easy one.

They’ll take the suggestions and choose the three most popular ones.

Which might mean we all get 3 votes.

You can see the compilation videos from 2016 and 2017 of groups–large and tiny–around the world dancing to the same music.

World Circle Dance Day is the third Sunday in July, coinciding with the Findhorn Sacred circle dance week.

World Circle Day compilation video

Last July, circles all over the world recorded themselves dancing Namarie, one of the three dances suggested for dancing on July 17th. Now they’ve put together a video with a little clip of all the groups. My GLAD group who meet on the 3rd Thursday (11am – 1pm) at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver is at 4:19. As a friend said: we’re quite recognizable and look like we’re having a good time!

Please enjoy this wonderful work of art by Amanda!

Anne Catherine’s Play List

Easter Dance Program – April 16 2-5pm @ Unitarian Centre, 949 West 49th Avenue

I now have the dance lineup for Anne Catherine’s visit.

Here are some of the dances/songs we’ll do on Sunday.

  • The Source (for the Maypole dance)
  • Le printemps
  • Vejsja Vesja Kaputska
  • La bastringue
  • Drunken Piper
  • Magic Stream
  • Andro Retourné
  • Welcome soleil
  • Stop This World

As well, Corinne will share her choreography for Healing Power of the Green and if there’s time, also, Praise for the Spring, Wendy Anne will share a current favorite Joro Boro and possibly The Apple, a Lesley Laslett Dance.  I’ll share Walk With Me, Bobbi Bailin’s choreography and possibly Come, Come, Whoever You Are..

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Circle Dance for Easter

Details and register here:
We are so lucky to have Anne Catherine and Andre in Vancouver and ready, willing and able to share kid-friendly dances for all ages on Easter Sunday. All are welcome and we’ll probably find a way to include an egg hunt.
Feature: Maypole dances -outside if possible.
There are 3 parts – register for one, two or all 3.
Cost: by donation
12:30-1:30pm Forum: Circle dancing with children – Anne Catherine McConnell teaches teachers to circle dance with their classes. She’s in Vancouver speaking at a conference on Children & Nature.
2 – 5pm Dancing with all ages.
3:15-3:30 – break and easter egg hunt
5:30-7pm Potluck Easter dinner

What we danced Jan 7

For the second year what used to be “my” annual women friends gathering has been hosted at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver – with an open invitation to all women and their friends. This is partly because of the growing interest in circle dance as it allows a lot more space. I believe there were 35 women dancing together for much of the evening.
We have a collage party, tarot cards for divination set up in the meditation room, a recycled gift exchange (“mathoms”–Hobbit words for thing you no longer want and want to pass along!) and of course dancing. And an amazing potluck feast. Oh, my, these women have good taste!
Here’s what we danced:
As One
All My Life’s a Circle
Let It Be a Dance
Come, Come, Whoever you are

Gypsy Soul
Dancing Song (Peter Mayer)

Special treat! Farah taught us some Bhangra moves to two Indian tracks!

Gifts of the Goddess
Blessed Be

Probably about half of the women were regular circle dancers and half weren’t, so we picked dances we felt (mostly) were easy to learn and allowed for “variations”.

On Monday night, (Jan 9) Corinne will lead a White Night at the church. I and a couple of others will do an Imbolc/Brighid ritual, dance and story on the first Tuesday in February.

Corinne is going to do a choreography workshop in February, especially for Unitarians but open to all–we’ll choreograph even more of the songs found in the Unitarian songbooks Singing the Living Tradition and Singing the Journey.  I’m keeping a list of the songs that can be danced here:

Various blog posts about specific songs/dances can be found here:

Dancing the Living Tradition: Choreography Workshop

Dancing the Living Tradition

A choreography workshop with Corinne Chepil

February 12, 2017  2-5pm

This is sponsored by Vancouver Unitarians and coordinated by Mary Bennett and Leslie Kemp.

All members and friends are welcome.

By donation.

RSVP here:

More information will be updated here: