Karen Drucker

Joanna from Windsor, Ontario, has choreographed several Karen Drucker songs. And… wait for it… there’s more. She’s now looking at Drucker’s latest CD… and we can expect at least one new dance coming up! One Heart At a Time is the title track.

  • Gentle With Myself

  • Song in My Soul

  • I Have Faith

  • Blessing to the World

and choreographed by some other circle dancers

  • There is Only Love – choreography by Cherrie and Margaret

  • Thank You For This Day – Margaret Grocke
  • Gifts of the Goddess – Margaret Grocke 2010

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As Mya just learned to facilitate this dance and was curious about its meaning, I googled “anandamayi brenda mcmorrow lyrics”.

Here’s some of what I found:

A song/mantra devoted to the Indian saint Anandamayi Ma, the joy-permeated, ‘the most perfect, beautiful flower Indian Soil has ever produced’ who was attributed to by her service of Precognition, healing and other miracles.

Here are the Mantra:
Om Anandamayi, Chaitanyamayi, Satyamayi, Paremeshwari
English meaning: 
the Joy-Permeated, the Consciousness and Truth filled Mother. Oh Supreme Goddess

Based on Sri Aurobindo’s mantra, the music was written by Brenda McMorrow, a Canadian song writer and singer who is dedicated to Sacred music. This song is released in her album ‘Igniting the Beauty’


And here’s Brenda McMorrow’s website: http://brendamcmorrow.com/

And her youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNsNZelMwd2XVMp81WMOUpw

On facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brendamcmorrowkirtan/


I Choose Love – Choices Dance

We’ll be dancing this on February 15, along with a whole Valentine’s week dance palette.

Shawn Gallaway

You can download the song for free, make a video and upload it. He wants you to.

June Watts who choreographed a dance for this, calls the dance “Choices”. Some of us find it challenging when the dance and the music have different names, but there you go.



Leonard Cohen – Dance Me to the End of Love

There are numerous Leonard Cohen songs that have been choreographed for circle dance.

The one we do most commonly is Dance Me to the End of Love.

Search this site for “Leonard Cohen” and you’ll find a couple of others.

If you’d like a cover, I like this one:

Other Leonard songs we dance to:

  • Who By Fire?
  • Traveling Light
  • Anthem
  • Take This Waltz

Do you have a favorite Leonard song you’d like to dance to?

One by Jan Philips

This is a lovely dance to do with new dancers. It was probably the first one I was confident enough to share. Although the steps are quite simple–and go with the words perfectly, the words and the music are a little enchanting so people of all stages enjoy it.

You always go forward when the singer says “one for the…” and then backwards on the instrumental section. The music is by Jan Phillips  http://janphillips.com/  on her CD “All the Way to Heaven.”

Watch Jan’s videos on her YouTube Channel.

Here are the lyrics:

One with the buffalo, one with the bear
One with the meadow, one with the mare,
One with the redwood, one with the rock
One with the eagle, one with the hawk.

One with the blue sky, one with the storm
One with the winter, one with the warm
One with the thunder, one with the rain
One with the laughter, one with the pain.

One with the shadow, one with the light
One with the sunrise, one with the night
One with the sorrow, one with the joy
One with the fullness, one with the void.

One with the mystery, one with the doubt
One with the famine, one with the drought,
One with the homeless, one with the king,
One with the angel, one with the wing

One with the harvest, one with the seed
One with the marshland, one with the reed
One with the sugar, one with the cane
One with the loss and one with the pain.

One with the hero, one with the whore,
One with the rich man, one with the poor
One with the marrow, one with the bone
One with the hunger, one with the moan.

One with the sparrow, one with the song,
One with the righteous, one with the wrong,
One with the morning, one with the dew,
One with the mountain, one with the view.

One with the newborn, one with the breast
One with the outcast, one with the guest
One with the palace, one with the cell
One with the bucket, one with the well.

One with the seeker, one with the sought,
One with the teacher, one with the taught
One with the trinket, one with the jewel
One with the master, one with the fool.

One with the lover, one with the loved,
One with the vulture, one with the dove,
One with the diamond, one with the coal,
One with the beggar, one with the bowl.

One with the desert, one with the dust,
One with the iron, one with the rust,
One with the heavens, one with the earth
One with the labor, one with the birth.

One with the bridegroom, one with the bride,
One with the blind man, one with the guide
One with the vision, one with the eye,
One with the knowing, one with the why.

One with the shining, one with the star,
One with the battle, one with the scar,
One with the music, one with the flute,
One with the branches, one with the root.

One with the daughter, one with the son,
One with the convict, one with the nun
One with the mountain, one with the awe
One with the forest, one with the saw.

One with the infant, one with the crone
One with the feather, one with the bone
One with the master, one with the slave
One with the water, one with the wave.

One with the seer, one with the seen
One with the dreamer, one with the dream
One with the garden, one with the bud
One with the chalice, one with the blood.

One with the meaning, one with the word
One with the spider, one with the bird
One with the spirit, one with the soul
One with the part, one with the whole.

One with the dying, one with all life,
One with the wounded, one with the knife
One with the other, one with the ONE
One with all beings under the sun.


Image result for red knee bootsWe danced this great dance choreographed by Marina Bear when Brigitte Evering was with us last week in Vancouver. I loved how Brigitte included some cues for us visual learners, like imagining we had over the knee red boots for this one!

This is a folk song from Quebec arranged by La Bottine souriante which seems to mean “smiling boot”.

There’s even a show company called La Bottine souriante.

I agree with BO3gamer who says, “Fucking bonne chanson!”

I got curious, as I do, about the words. My high school/University French was mainly reading and writing not speaking and hearing. (And when I travelled I learned how to order beer and disposable diapers–but that’s another story.)

Here is a translation to English: (It seems La ziguezon zin aon is not translatable. Perhaps just nonsense syllables.)

Going to the fountain to catch some fish
La ziguezon zin zon
The fountain is deep
Pours me to the bottom

Ziguezon zin zon, Girl on top
Girl in bottom, girl girl girl-woman
Woman, woman, woman, also worse
Bottine-tine-tine le rigolet ha ha
His little door key is rusted, rusted
His little door key is merrily rusted
The fountain is deep
Pours me to the bottom
Passing by here
Three cavalier barons

Three cavalier barons
Three cavalier barons
Who gave to me your beauty
If I lose you


Who gave to me your beauty
If I take you to the bottom
Row, row she said
After that we shall see


Row, row she said
After that we shall see
When the beautiful one comes to shore
And runs away from the house


When the beautiful one comes to shore
And runs away from the house
To try at the window
Write a song


To try at the window
Write a Song
My small heart is given
Not for a baron


My small heart is given
Not for a baron
But for a soldier
With a beard


From reading up, it seems to have to do with a fisherman who has lost his heart to a girl who might be more interested in one of the soldiers… the one with the beard.

Here’s a video with photos of young women/girls. From a quick look I think they did this for a drama or arts class at school. It’s sweet!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbV3csJPcOI


And here’s a Karaoke Version.


“Happy Be” from The Bills (BC Group)

“Happy Be” by The Bills who are a BC-based group.

Through the wonders of facebook I was browsing through the Winnipeg and Interlake group’s posts and saw this cheerful tune and dance and asked what it was.

If you’re on facebook, you can see the dance at:

Choreographed by Ronnie Joy Leah from Calgary and tweaked by June Watts.

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