World Circle Day compilation video

Last July, circles all over the world recorded themselves dancing Namarie, one of the three dances suggested for dancing on July 17th. Now they’ve put together a video with a little clip of all the groups. My GLAD group who meet on the 3rd Thursday (11am – 1pm) at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver is at 4:19. As a friend said: we’re quite recognizable and look like we’re having a good time!

Please enjoy this wonderful work of art by Amanda!


Dancing for Peace

We will participate in this worldwide Dancing for Peace event on Thursday, September 21, 2017.

Following is from Friedel Kloke-Eibl

Setting out – Together

For an open world of tolerance

that won’t be dictated by fear

but by the good in every man.


Being on a journey together

in a multicultural world

that moves people of different religions

to venture on a joint path of peace.


Daring to resist together

for a hospitable world

in which xenophobia

has no breeding ground.

 Pierre Stutz  from “Breathing Space for the Soul”

Dear dancers,

It is a matter of heart to engage myself for peace. As every year I invite dancers worldwide to dance for peace at the UN-world-peace-day 21st September. Last year I organized 3 big Peace events in Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands. Saskia, Nanni and I danced and Joanne Shenandoah, the Grammy-Award winner and peace-activist, gave an evening-concert in each place.

Should you wish to join this initiative, we would very much appreciate a short notice about where and when you plan to dance with your groups (or alone), and be happy to announce it on our website.

 In anticipation of our dance circle spanning the globe, I am sending you lots of love.