Brigitte Evering

Brigitte Evering is coming to Vancouver in September.

Here’s the plan for Friday September 15 at the Unitarian Centre.

Afternoon for circle dance facilitators or experienced dancers considering facilitation.

Evening – open to all

I’m looking forward to learning from her experience and passion for dance. Stay tuned for more opportunities.

Here’s more about Brigitte:

Brigitte has been sharing her love of circle dance since 1996. She and her partner Geoffrey co-facilitate a circle in Cobourg, dance in Ontario and the US, as well as being familiar faces at Great Lakes Dance Camp. Brigitte’s clear and skillful teaching allows dancers to access a wide range of traditional and choreographed dances. She has danced across North America as well as in the UK and Australia gathering dances like friends, to share with her communities. Her joyful fire invites dancers to warm themselves with dances from the simple and sweet, to faster and fancy. Come…join in the dance… let’s affirm life together!

Dance Palette BEFORE

The Cobourg group uses a “dance palette” approach–all possible dances are put on a flip chart – way more than could possibly be danced!

Dance Palette AFTER

Then the ones that are danced are underlined and voted on. Someone stands near the flip chart at the break and end so that people less familiar with the dances can say, “I loved the one where we walked backwards” (or whatever) and they can learn what the name is. I’d love to try this at one of our circles. Maybe when Brigitte is here in Vancouver.

Here’s Brigitte’s blog about her Ph.D. work at Trent University.

Book by June Watts – Circle Dancing Mentor — available from

Circle Dancing

Circle Dancing

Celebrating the Sacred in Dance

Book – 2006

I just noticed that this book is available through the Vancouver Public Library. There’s one copy at the Central Branch. Here’s the call number: 793.31 W35c

It would be interesting to know what books are on either side of it. Let me know if you discover it.

I danced with June several years ago on Vancouver Island on a weekend dance retreat. The roosters got in the way of my sleep so I didn’t do it again, but admire June a lot and know many who attend her workshops whenever she’s in BC, which she tends to do once a year.

Here’s the link and description from VPL.

June Watts is a leading figure in The Sacred Circle Dance movement. Here she describes every aspect of this growing movement, the people, the places, the dances, the music. All over the world people are awakening to the Sacred Power of dance. This is the first book to explore the link between the modern Sacred Dance movement and its historic heritage going back to the stone age.



Mary Bennett loves combining art, labyrinth walking and dance

I am a Unitarian and a circle dance enthusiast. I don’t usually teach dances but did lead a workshop at a national conference and with help, created a repertoire entirely from the Unitarian hymnbook, Singing the Living Tradition.

I was the Executive Director of the Canadian Unitarian Council from 2000 to 2008 and most of those years I made sure there was circle dancing at our annual conference.

For a year or so in 2008-2009, I helped create a monthly circle dance worship service that included poetry and stories along with dancing.

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