Karev Yom

For words in Hebrew and English for this song, go here:


One of the Passover/Pesach Songs, sung during the first and second Seder.
All chants of the Seder, the first (and second) night of the Passover/Pesach are
sung in a rather mantic manner and every phrase is repeated many times.

Here’s one youtube video singing it:


Videos showing the dance:

This is the music and steps we usually dance to:

This shows information about the choreographer and music:


This year we actually danced it on the first night of Passover.

From: http://www.chabad.org/holidays/passover/pesach_cdo/aid/671901/jewish/When-Is-Passover-in-2017-2018-2019-and-2020.htm

The Seder feast is held on the first two nights of Passover (just the first night in Israel), after nightfall. Here are the dates of the Seder for the upcoming years:

2017:   April 10-11

2018:   March 30-31

2019:   April 19-20

2020:   April 8-9

Here’s a different version:

… et en francais, teaching the folk dance above:


Ce Mois de Mai

Just chatted via email with John Bear who said they like this dance, ce mois de mai, “down there.”

Oh dear! There’s just so much to do in May! Perhaps someone locally knows the dance and could share it before the 31st. Or as the notes say, you can dance it in other months in order to remember May.

The music recommended is by Pyewackett, a British band which is no more.

Here are the lyrics from: http://fenols.jega.chez-alice.fr/Ce_mois_de_mai.pdf

Ce mois de mai Clément JANNEQUIN (16°)

Refrain : Ce mois de Mai, (ce mois de Mai)

Ce mois de Mai ma verte cotte (Ce mois de Mai ma verte cotte)

Ce mois de Mai, je vestirai

Couplet 1: De bon matin, me lèverai (Ce joli, joli mois de Mai)

De bon matin me lèverai Un saut, (deux sauts) trois sauts

Je ferai pour voir si mon ami verrai

(Je lui dirai qu’il me décotte me décottant le baiserai)

Refrain : Ce mois de Mai, ( ce mois de Mai )

Ce mois de Mai ma verte cote (Ce mois de Mai ma verte cotte)

Ce mois de Mai, je vestirai

Couplet 2 : En son jardin, douce vesprée (Ce joli, joli mois de mai)

En son jardin douce vesprée Un jour, (deux jours), trois jours

Joliette me rendrai pour humer moult roses pourprées

(Plaise à Dieu qu’il me les donne Me les donnant le baiserai)

Couplet 3 : Vienne la nuit, je danserai (Ce joli, joli mois de mai)

Vienne la nuit je danserai Un pas, (deux pas), trois pas

Légère tournerai pour mon ami émoustiller

(Je lui dirai qu’il virevolte Virevoltant le baiserai)

Les phrases entre parenthèses ne sont chantées que par les femmes

English Translation: This is what I found:

This month of May, This month of May,
This month of May, My green petticoat,
This month of May, I will wear.
Early in the morning I will rise,
This lovely, lovely month of May;
Early in the morning I will rise:
One leap, two leaps, three leaps,
In the street I will do,
To see if my boyfriend will see me.
I will tell him that he may remove my petticoat
As he does I will kiss him.

from the comments section here: https://yellowdoggereldemocrat.wordpress.com/2012/05/01/ce-mois-de-mai-clement-janequin/