Ellen Newman led sacred circle dancing at the CUC conference 2008

Ellen Newman led sacred circle dancing at a Unitarian conference in Ottawa in 2008

marysunflowerHi, I’m Mary and I’m a circle dancer. I’m also a long-time Unitarian and Kitsilano neighbourhood catalyst. I tend to be a very curious person so this blog is part of how I share the discoveries I make. I usually post dances I’m involved with helping to coordinate here.

The photo at the left is from a Canadian Unitarian Council (National organization of Unitarian groups across Canada). For several years there was a circle dance as part of the weekend conference. For me as executive director, it was a real treat after the demands of organizing a conference that went from 100 to 800 participants, to just relax and dance with Unitarians from across Canada. I still smile when I look at this photo.

There has been circle dancing at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver (and I believe Ottawa, Toronto and undoubtedly others) for quite some time. Well over a decade at UCV. In 2015, we added a second regular monthly dance and then in 2016 added a “combo” of art, labyrinth walking and dance. We sometimes host special events like Day of the Dead and A Women’s Winter Gathering..

For regular sessions there are usually 10-20 of us, often about one-quarter to one-half are Unitarians – but obviously all are welcome, and enthusiastic dancers come from Ladner, North Vancouver and even Bellingham and the Sunshine Coast.

To confirm the next dates you can contact UCV at 604-261-7204 or send an email to me at circledanceucv@gmail.com

I can also put you in touch with other circle dancing groups and retreats in or near Vancouver, BC. In 2016 a new website was started that has most of the circles and teachers around BC listed: circledancebc.ca

Groups around the world are listed at globalcircle.dance.

I’d especially like to connect if you are a Unitarian and also a circle dancer. I love dancing to the music of the songs we sing on Sunday mornings.

If you have danced to some of the songs in our hymnals, or would like to, check out the “Unitarian” repertoire page. We’re happy to share our steps. Will you share yours?

There’s a facebook group for Sacred Circle Dance Vancouver that I administer.


GLAD has its own page: http://www.facebook.com/labyrinthartanddance

I’m also a visual artist. My website is marybennett.net.


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