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TakeMoreChancesHi, I’m Mary Bennett and I post information on this blog about circle dances around Vancouver that I’m involved. Usually I dance with all of the monthly groups at the Unitarian Centre 949 West 49th at Oak. I also often travel to Ladner to dance on the last Friday with Darlene and Frances. Contact circledanceladner (at) to find out about upcoming dances.

  • Weekday Evenings: 1st Tuesday 7 – 9 pm (coordinated by Leslie) and 2nd Monday 7 – 9 pm (Corinne facilitates) in Hall
  • 3rd Thursday 11 am – 1 pm (GLAD: Gathering for Labyrinth, Art and Dance.) – Darlene, Mairy and me in Lindsey Priestley
  • Gentle Circle Dance: 1st Sunday 2 – 3:30pm

CONTACT: If you’d like to send me an  email please do:

There are lots of circle dance facebook pages including

For circle dance teachers around BC, go to

and for groups around the world, go to



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