All My Life’s a Circle

This dance has become a tradition for the annual Women’s gathering. The dance choreography includes a spot where you greet another person–with a hug, handshake, do-si-do or spin – Your job is to discern what kind of greeting that person would welcome.

I like it a lot partly because I do indeed remember this song when it first “came around” in the 70s – a turbulent time in my life.

No straight lines make up my life, all my roads are bends

There’s no clear-cut beginning and so far no dead ends

I got so excited with the greetings when I looked at my new Garmin heart rate monitor, there was a spike about 8:10 pm. I thought: What was that about? and remembered that was the time of us dancing this dance.

More about Harry Chapin here on wikipedia:

Now perhaps someone will choreograph Cat’s Cradle?


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