Alunelul with some side steps

Alunelul from Rumania.  Pronunciation: ah-lu-NEH-loo

Translation: Hazelnut

More information here:

If you’re new to circle dance, this has lots of side steps in it.  (I’ve promised to look for some dances that use some of the common steps we do.)

from Oltenia, Romania

Notes from Andrew Carnie, 2014. Introduced to the USA by Eugenia Judetz. “Little Hazelnut” (a common nickname for a man in Romania)


Alunelul Alunelul hai la joc

Sa na fie sa ne fie cu noroc!                        2x

Cine joaca si nu striga

Facei sar gura punga

Cino juca de fel

Sa ramiie Mititel!

English translation

Little Hazelnut, come and dance

Bring all of us luck

Whoever dances without shouting

May his mouth become dried out

Who ever won’t dance

May he never grow up!

(Little Hazelnut is a common nickname for a man, I’m told.)

And here’s something from the Unitarian Universalist Association suggesting teaching the song and dance to children in a lesson about partner churches in Transylvania/Rumania.


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