“Happy Be” from The Bills (BC Group)

“Happy Be” by The Bills who are a BC-based group.

Through the wonders of facebook I was browsing through the Winnipeg and Interlake group’s posts and saw this cheerful tune and dance and asked what it was.

If you’re on facebook, you can see the dance at:

Choreographed by Ronnie Joy Leah from Calgary and tweaked by June Watts.

Well it turns out the song is by The Bills who I regularly hear and see when I visit Hornby Island in the summer. I may have actually heard them perform this but I might have been so blissed out at “Olsen’s” Farm that I didn’t pay much attention to the lyrics.

Here’s the group talking about the tune on their newest alum Trail of Tales. (April, 2016)

The Bills

And more of the dance videos from the Manitoba group are here:


They also have Bells of Norwich–a universal favorite especially at this time of year as the daffodils are doing their thing.

Now I’m told there are different versions of “Bells” – I’ve only ever known one, so I look forward to learning more!



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