Healing and Wholeness

We dance “Midwives” to this music. It’s a simplified version of a Romanian dance. The music is a Romanian lullaby.

Here’s a video from Findhorn where they call the dance “Healing and Wholeness.”

We sometimes dance it in spring or at the beginning of the year.

Here’s a teaching video for the traditional dance Joc de Leagane. (I’m told sometimes dancers call it Joc de Agony–as it’s a difficult one.) Joc means Dance.

Other translations refer to it as “The cradle song” or “The Cradle Dance.”

Joc De Leagane, the CD: There’s a CD called this with the title song by Les Choristes.

The CD includes Rumelaj too which we often dance.

We use the music of:

CD:  Kalyi Jag “Gypsy Folk Songs from Hungary”


This might be the group’s website: http://www.kalyi-jag.hu/

If you can read it, let me know if it is!


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