Growing Into Circle Dance Facilitation

At our “Dance Passion” Day we included some “table topics” – optional conversations while we enjoyed out potluck dinner. My topic was “The Reluctant Circle Dance Facilitator.” 

I was delighted that the experienced facilitators enjoyed hearing my story and even better two dancers were very attentive. “Not promising anything” but appreciated hearing my story. I am not (repeat: not) a lifelong dancer. Indeed I actually sometimes got so anxious even being around dancing, my then therapist gave me a hypnosis suggestion as a “gift”.

So I’ve enjoyed sacred circle dancing–the combination of clear steps and yet the supportive community saying there are no wrong steps have been key. Non-dancers I think, like me, really feel uncomfortable with “free dance”.

At first I offered to teach one dance. This was motivated by the fact a good friend choreographed a favorite song and I loved the choreography but she was even clearer than me that she wasn’t going to teach dances. So I offered it up at the smallest groups that I attended. And then I had 3 dances.

Then as my repertoire got larger, I said: only dances where there are words—English words! And where the words go with the steps.

Now my limit is sharing a maximum of three dances in a circle dance session.But I may break through that one shortly (but shhh! don’t tell anyone.)

And (hallelujah!) there are actually some dances I can share without “studying” and going into anxiety mode.

From your reluctant circle dance facilitator and enthusiastic google researcher!

I have almost no limit for the amount of google-searching I do and I love
to share what I learn with you.
So browse through for some factoids about some of the dances and music we enjoy.

PS – What was your journey? If you don’t currently teach any circle dances, is there anything that would motivate and support you in making that journey?

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