Margaret’s Waltz

Considered by some a Shetland Island tune, however…

Composer is the other bard from Stratford-upon-Avon.

Patrick Noel Shuldham-Shaw (1917- 1977) was born in Sratford-on-Avon, England

Guitar and fiddle:  I love this version (even though it doesn’t have words…) (That’s a bit of a joke among my circle dancer friends that I’m adamant that it’s much easier for me to learn dances that have words–English words–that go with the dance steps.  Otherwise I’m always counting. If there are words, I can stop counting and follow the words.)

Youtube comments (always a reliable source of information) tell me:

This is an English Country Dance tune composed in 1959 by Pat Shaw for his dance composition Margaret’s Waltz. Enormously popular in Australia, England and elsewhere. We taught the dance to Pat Murphy, Irish Set Dancing Master, at the South Sligo Summer School in Tubbercurry in 2011.

Lyrics were added by Canada’s own Connie Kaldor.

You can see information about her CD Wood River on which you’ll find Margaret’s Waltz. The lyrics are here for all the songs on that CD.

And speaking of Connie Kaldor, perhaps Saskatoon Moon is a waltz too?


Margaret’s Waltz as I understand it is also a dance choreographed by Pat Shaw for English Country Dancing. Here are two videos showing how it’s done:


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