“Here, Now” from Mayne Island via UK

We’re dancing this one on Friday in Ladner. I know we’ve done it before. Lovely.

Dance steps and notes here: http://www.paulboizot.co.uk/notes/here_now.pdf

Here’s the youtube channel for Paul Boizot. I love that many of his videos are done with him outside, presumably his backyard in York.


I live in York, UK. I am a Circle Dance (= Danças Circulares, Kreistanz, Danze In Cerchio, Danses En Cercle, Danzas Circulares) teacher and choreographer, and also an International Folk Dance teacher (mostly circle and line dances from Greece, Balkans, Armenia, Israel, Russia, etc.) I also play music (flat-back bouzouki, darabuka) and sing for those dance forms. I teach occasional drumming courses, and once in a blue moon a music workshop on “how to improvise”. More information is at http://www.paulboizot.co.uk/dance_music.htm.

The music is by a group based on Mayne Island, BC.  I couldn’t find a link that worked. The website jaiya.ca gives a “doesn’t work note”. I hope they’re all alive and well and just so busy they forgot to renew their domain.

Here’s a youtube link with Here, Now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cc2lSkvXMco

Jaiya weaves a rich blend of Celtic, Medieval, Jazz & Worldbeat sounds. Soaring vocals & haunting penny-whistle fuse magically with the earthy tones of accordion and lyric harp. Jaiya is the musical collaboration of three Mayne Island BC artists who share a deep connection with the land. Their unique sound is a blend of Celtic harp, jazz accordion, guitar, whistle, drums and two female voices in harmony.

Miranda Brown, Lael Whitehead and Kim Darwin bring together many talents in Jaiya, including strong backgrounds in Classical, Jazz, Celtic and Folk music. Their music is both sophisticated and accessible. Rich, complex arrangements support soulful, evocative melodies. The unusual pairing of harp and accordion enables Jaiya to express a deep emotional range, from the poignant and lyric.

  • from the Mayne Island tourism site.

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