Slow Waltz for learning Winds on the Tor

I’m looking for a waltz that beginners could feel more comfortable with to learn the steps of Winds on the Tor.  I googled “slow waltz modern” and here are some of what I’ve found.

Has anyone tried Moon River?

It is You by Dana Glover (Shrek)

New learnings: 29 bpm is what most “slow waltzes” are – I’ve learned is slow and means bars per minute. You probably knew that.

This one starts starts at 24 seconds in. I find it’s often a wedding “first dance” of the  bride and groom (or bride and bride or groom and groom of course).

Liz Minelli – Waiting for My Friend

or what about Leonard Cohen’s Take This Waltz (I didn’t find it under “slow waltz”… I just like Leonard’s music.)


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