Circle Circle Dances – We are a circle within a circle — May the circle be open

We sometimes start a circle dance gathering by playing “We are a circle within a circle” – and having people join in as they’re ready. As earth-centred spiritual traditions is one of the six sources that we draw on in Unitarianism, I really enjoy “casting the circle” this way – by setting sacred space for our circle dance.

We dance to a version that’s quite a bit slower than this version by Kate West

At the end, we sometimes, especially if we are focusing a theme on one of the eight wiccan sabbats (solstices, equinoxes, etc.) end with “May the Circle Be Open”

Barbara Herring in Ontario choreographed this dance and when I recently sent her a note with some questions, she encouraged me to adapt it to the ideas I had. So as pagan groups often open the circle (something like returning sacred space to regular space) by going counterclockwise or “widdershins”, I facilitate this dance going counterclockwise. It makes me happy to close a circle dance session this way. Only partly because after “merry meet, and merry part and merry meet again” which is sufficiently cheerful on its own, I sometimes spontaneously add: It’s all About Mary!”

A fellow visual artist once commented on looking through some works in progress that all my art had circles in them!  Now I make sure they do. And am developing a repertoire of what might be called “circle circle dances”

Some other circle dances that include the word circle include:

Circle Chant (Circle ‘Round for Freedom)

All My Life’s a Circle


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