Walk With Me I’m Gonna Walk It With You

UPDATE: As many people were dancing this together on Friday, March 17 at 8:15 pm Eastern, we in Vancouver provided the appetizer and dessert. One group danced on Thursday in the afternoon and then we did it Saturday morning at our Dance Passion all-day event. It was very well received!

From Bobbi Bailin: She suggests dancing together on March 17th 
We will be dancing my dance Walk With Me at about 8:15PM Eastern time
in dance groups, so far, in Quebec, Washington DC and Cape Cod

A few of us got together to show you this basic dance, hoping it will be meaningful during hard times. Circle Dance with gestures and steps of solidarity to the song “I’m Gonna Walk It with You” by Brian Claflin and Ellie Grace. Choreographer: Bobbi Bailin Jan. 2017
Please purchase the music from http://www.claflinandgrace.com
Here are the steps from Bobbi in pdf form.

Walk With Me

Check out her youtube channel for more circle dances:


Here are Brian Claflin and Ellie Grace singing their song:

Lyrics and Music by Brian Claflin and Ellie Grace, December 2016
Pre-release single available for download: http://www.claflinandgrace.com

Oh and just google “we can’t keep quiet” and see what comes up.


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