What we danced Jan 7

For the second year what used to be “my” annual women friends gathering has been hosted at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver – with an open invitation to all women and their friends. This is partly because of the growing interest in circle dance as it allows a lot more space. I believe there were 35 women dancing together for much of the evening.
We have a collage party, tarot cards for divination set up in the meditation room, a recycled gift exchange (“mathoms”–Hobbit words for thing you no longer want and want to pass along!) and of course dancing. And an amazing potluck feast. Oh, my, these women have good taste!
Here’s what we danced:
As One
All My Life’s a Circle
Let It Be a Dance
Come, Come, Whoever you are

Gypsy Soul
Dancing Song (Peter Mayer)

Special treat! Farah taught us some Bhangra moves to two Indian tracks!

Gifts of the Goddess
Blessed Be

Probably about half of the women were regular circle dancers and half weren’t, so we picked dances we felt (mostly) were easy to learn and allowed for “variations”.

On Monday night, (Jan 9) Corinne will lead a White Night at the church. I and a couple of others will do an Imbolc/Brighid ritual, dance and story on the first Tuesday in February.

Corinne is going to do a choreography workshop in February, especially for Unitarians but open to all–we’ll choreograph even more of the songs found in the Unitarian songbooks Singing the Living Tradition and Singing the Journey.  I’m keeping a list of the songs that can be danced here:


Various blog posts about specific songs/dances can be found here:


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