I miss dancing with the Dancing Bears. But there’s still the WWW!

For several years, Marina and John Bear came to Vancouver every summer and shared their dances and (some of their) other talents. But… this year they didn’t come.

The nice thing is they’re only a click away. I recently sent John a question and he responded within minutes, and of course their website has many, many resources.

If you haven’t danced with dancing bears, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Here’s an introduction to John and Marina. http://www.circledancing.com/teacher-bios.html

The Little Book of MeditationHere’s one of the 35 books they’ve published “individually or collectively”–this one by Marina. It’s available from vpl.ca and Amazon and in a kindle version.

The Little Book of Meditation

A Guide to Stress-free Living

Book – 2010

The description says: This useful guide, written by a noted meditation teacher, offers easy strategies for overcoming stress and finding relaxation in any circumstance. Author Marina Bear presents meditation techniques in an encouraging way, making them accessible and enjoyable. In clear language, she explains the benefits of meditation, supported by recent scientific studies. While the book is aimed at secular readers, it acknowledges the rich tradition of religious meditation and explains some of the words and techniques associated with those traditions. Roger Williams’ charming illustrations help make this an ideal gift book.


Here’s more about Marina, including a link to her “Aging and Spirituality” blog: http://www.marinabear.com/


And here’s John – more than just a dancing bear!


On the day after the U.S. election, I wonder what they would say…







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