Circling Around, Honouring Kali and Discovering Chris James

On Tuesday, we had our regular first Tuesday sacred circle dance at the Unitarian Church.

We danced a new choreography for We Are Circling (Buffy Sainte-Marie). I now know of three possibilities for dancing to this song including the one I did last summer. Can’t wait for someone to do “Carry It On” or “Power in the Blood.”

Dussehra 2016We danced a no-hands dance for Kali that we hadn’t done for so long, several regulars had never done it. I had mentioned that my friend had told me about Dussehra, the festival honouring Kali. It turns out that (like all good festivals) this one is 10 days long ending on October 10th this year.  Read more here:

I shared the dance “Heartfelt Thanks and Gratitude” and was asked who the singer was. It took me a moment to remember and then I did – Chris James!

Here’s a link to the album Fiery Eyes that this song is found on. Scroll down to hear a clip from this song.



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