Mary Bennett loves combining art, labyrinth walking and dance

I am a Unitarian and a circle dance enthusiast. I don’t usually teach dances but did lead a workshop at a national conference and with help, created a repertoire entirely from the Unitarian hymnbook, Singing the Living Tradition.

I was the Executive Director of the Canadian Unitarian Council from 2000 to 2008 and most of those years I made sure there was circle dancing at our annual conference.

For a year or so in 2008-2009, I helped create a monthly circle dance worship service that included poetry and stories along with dancing.

In December 2015, over 100 Unitarians danced in the aisles at the end of the annual Fire Communion on Sunday morning.

With Darlene and Mairy, I facilitate a monthly gathering we call “GLAD” – Gathering for Labyrinth, Art and Dance. Click “GLAD” on the pages to learn more.

I usually participate in the 1st Tuesday and 2nd Monday evening sessions. When it doesn’t conflict with the Jung Society lecture, I make my way to Ladner to participate in Darlene’s circle there too.

Like most of us in Metro Vancouver I first was introduced to circle dancing by Corinne Chepil. I try to add circle dance to other events I’m involved with. It was great to have Corinne share dances at the Art Opening cosponsored by the Women’s Spirituality Celebration group and the Unitarian Church on March 5, 2016.

I’ve just started a family-friendly dance circle in Kitsilano where I live. Just search for “kitsilano” and you’ll find a lot more about that. I’m pretty excited about it.


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