First Annual Women’s Winter Gathering was a big success

On Sunday night we had what is now (I hope) the first annual Winter Women’s Gathering hosted by the Unitarian Church of Vancouver. The theme song is “Make New Friends but Keep the Old” and I think everyone made at least one new friend. Including me! There were 5 women there I’d never met before – nice to meet you! And I hope we’ll meet again.

Thirty-four women attended and most chose to participate in the sacred circle dance, including many who had never done this before. I was definitely “outside my comfort zone” as Darlene put it in sharing two dances. I’ll get better at that and we’ll try to get the choir to re-record the songs for us! Our choir director and music assistant seem very open to supporting the dancers in this way.

As well as dancing there were other activities. A mandala table cloth was created with Crayola fabric markers. Many people visited the meditation room to draw a tarot card or rune to nudge them into the new year.

People brought mathoms (Hobbit word for recycled gifts) and then chose one to take home. Those not taken will be donated to the Refugee committee to sell or pass along to the two refugee families we’re currently supporting: a Tibetan family and two young women from Eritrea. I came home with two mathoms and managed to resist a few that tempted me.

We ended the evening with lighting a cauldron and sharing what we were leaving behind with 2015. As several people talked about resolutions to “prune”, I’m guessing others were also being careful about how many mathoms they let follow them home.

The donations totalled $204 towards the $1000 we are raising for the labyrinth fund.

During the cauldron burning, I announced that I was letting go of committee work. A poem by Marge Piercey came to mind where the final two lines are:

No more committees but only picnics and orgies
and dances. I have spoken. So be it forevermore.

Now, letting go of committees, for me, just means I’d prioritize picnics and dances (maybe not orgies) over attending committee meetings, so if you’d like to be on the “committee” (quote-unquote) to make more dances and picnics (and labyrinth walking and art) happen at UCV and open to all, I’d definitely like to hear from you as to how you’d like to contribute.

Thank you to the many of you who came early to help set-up and/or stayed late to clean up. Many hands make light work!

Let it be a dance!

Lots of good New Year’s blessings to all of you,


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